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Stay abreast of the best diets, massages, herbal teas and fruit juices to liberate themind and body of accumulated toxins and regain proper form.

Where are the toxins? Want an honest answer? Everywhere!

Despite being directly proportional to our excesses and dietary errors, it is impossible to escape them. Are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, in alcoholic beverages, coffee and the water we drink, the medications we take.
What happens is that, over the years, the kidneys and the liver begin to run deeper,the liquids are retained in the tissues and the skin is dull and lackluster, given that the organism does not eliminate the toxins at the same pace that consumes.

Detox Diets that aim to restore the body's ability to eliminate everything which is not applicable.
When do: the best time is the late spring, early summer, when there are more fresh fruits and vegetables available. And as the weather is warmer, the present trend to decrease our appetite. On the other hand, one should opt for a moment who is ingood health and without stress levels increased.
Type of diet: above all, diets or detoxification cures aim to eliminate the harmful substances that accumulate in our bodies and promote cell renewal of the tissues of the body rather than lose weight. Usually entail an increase fluid intake and adifferentiated selection of foods according to its characteristics more or less depurative.

Foods to focus on: how a large part of the nutrients lost during food preparation,eating food close to their natural state is essential in any detoxification plan.So, give preference to fruit, vegetables and raw, lentils, legumes and brown rice.

Habits to avoid: don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, avoid taking medicines or ingestingany drink with caffeine.

Side effects: Fatigue, headaches or muscle, as well as mood swings, are normal during the first few days.

Care: must ensure that health conditions in order to become involved in this food restriction; should confirm that the foods we eat are at least minimally balanced and,possibly, a vitamin and mineral supplements could be a good option. The alert alsopointed out that, after the diet, the more calorie foods are introduced gradually.
Two plans to implement:

At this point, reached by right to the conclusion that this is all very nice, but on a day-to-day basis, how can you put these principles into practice? To help her, we leave youhere two plans of ' cleaning ' of the organism, easy to perform.

A week of cleaning

first day: only water (that can add a few drops of lemon), fruit juices and vegetables;teas without sugar, herbs or spices; fresh vegetable-based broth
2nd day: liquids and fruit: apples, pineapple, mango, grapes and watermelons,preferably organic.
3rd day: include raw vegetables: dill, watercress, dandelion leaves and parsley.
4th day: Add cooked vegetables and brown rice. Give preference to the leeks, onionand garlic; Artichoke and beetroot.
5th day: include beans, lentils, nuts and seeds;
6th day: you can add foods cereals and yoghurts with active bifidus to diet.
7th day: you can eat fish.

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